Gallipoli Campaign

Ottoman infantry

Here are 6mm Baccus Ottoman army infantry, advancing at the double:

Infantry at the double

And some infantry colleagues firing at the enemy:

Ottoman infantry firing

Ottoman army regimental headquarters

A regimental HQ stand. Lots of gesticulating going on. Perhaps towards the angry owner of the table, who wants it back...

Ottoman regimental HQ

Another regimental HQ, with messenger at the ready. Staff officers offering advice, while the general quietly muses on his options:

Ottoman regimental HQ 2

Another Ottoman FO

This 6mm Baccus figure is using a field telephone.

Ottoman FO with field telephone

Ottoman MG teams

This stand represents a company of MG08s. There is a kneeling loader, a seated gunner, and the NCO lying prone with his hand raised.

Ottoman MG team overhead

Here is the same team photographed at‘ground’ level:

Ottoman MG team

Ottoman army engineers

Here we have Baccus 6mm Ottoman army engineers digging up the only piece of grass in the area. Still, needs must… This is a generic set of models, which work well for any army.

Ottoman engineers

Ottoman forward observation officer

Every good artillery regiment needs an FOO. Here is a 6mm Baccus figure holding a flag. His artillery colleagues can be seen in the background, occupying a position in defilade behind the low ridge.. Hopefully they will be able to see and respond accurately to his frantic signalling when the landings begin...

Ottoman FOO

Ottoman field artillery regiment

After an enforced pause due to work, it is back to the Gallipoli campaign preparations. The Ottoman defenders have been painted up and based.

Brigaded Ottoman artillery

These are Baccus 6mm Ottoman field guns. Each stand represents a battery of guns in Great War Spearhead.

HMS Terror

HMS Terror was an Erebus Class monitor. It carried two 15” guns. Although she did not serve in support of the Gallipoli campaign, monitors were used there. Their shallow draft meant greater protection against torpedo attacks, which accounted for some of the battleships and forced the Royal Navy to rethink how naval gunfire support was provided.

The model is fromNavis-Neptune in 1/1250 scale.

HMS Terror

HMS Goliath

Another Navis-Neptune model, this time of HMS Goliath. She was a Canopus Classbattleship that provided naval gunfire support in the defence of the Suez Canal and during the Gallipoli landings. Goliath was sunk by Ottoman torpedoes while off Cape Helles, with the loss of more than 550 crew.

HMS Goliath


An Heroics and Ros RE8 in 1/300 scale. Not quite the right camoflague scheme for the terrain but it does help the model to stand out in the photo. Decals from I95.


Robert Dunlop 2014