Gallipoli Campaign

HMS Swiftsure

HMS Swiftsure was a Swiftsure Class battleship in the Royal Navy. She served in the Middle East, providing gun fire support in the defence of the Suez Canal and then again in the Gallipoli landings. This is a 1/1250 scale Navis-Neptune model, painted in the Middle East colours. It is a beautiful model, with turrets that swivel and incredible detail. She is accompanied by a friend - a Short Seaplane in 1/300 scale from Heroics andRos.

Short Seaplane

Short Seaplane
Short Seaplane from above

Two views of an Heroics & Ros Short Seaplane. They helped provide aerial observation for the naval gunfire support during the Gallipoli landings.

HMS Queen lashes out

HMS Queen lashes out

A Tumbling Dice Formidable class battleship fires a salvo. The Royal Navy played a major role in supporting the Gallipoli landings. The salvo markers are from Litko.

Pull for the shore, Lads

Nearing the beach

Royal Naval cutters make their way to the beach landings, having been towed towards the shore from the troop ships. These models are from the Peter Pig pirates range. This is the same range that I used for the empty cutters in the SS River Clyde model here.

Gangways for SS River Clyde

Still very much a work in progress but here is a first look at the new gangways for my SS River Clyde model. The gangways are detachable. The boats are from the Peter Pig pirates range, in 1/450th scale.


Three British X-lighters inbound to the shores of Suvla Bay. The models are from PT Dockyard. The models are 1/600 scale. Each model is mounted on a 1.25 x 2.5” Litko ultrathin plywood base.


SS River Clyde with new hull

The hull has been reworked to make the model sit higher out of the water. A first undercoat has been applied to highlight the high spots that need smoothing down further. The join line with the old hull is clearly seen, illustrating how far the hull has been extended above the water line. The gun is not historical but looks cool. It can act as proxy for the MGs that were set up to fire from the bow in support of the infantry landing.

SS River Clyde with extended hull

Ground cover added

Scrubby ground cover and scattered trees added to the Anzac Cove battlefield. Chunuk Bair is top left in this photo. The steeper slopes and valleys have been left relatively bare. The beach will be added in the foreground.

Anzac Cove with ground cover

Hexon Terrain covered with mat

After setting up the contours with Hexon Terrain, I covered them with a Mat-o-War terrain mat. It takes a few days for the mat to settle onto the contours. This photo shows the effect. The high ground of Chunuk Bair is visible to the left. Two ridge lines can be seen radiating down in a southerly direction. There are a series of plateaus and steep folds, which reflect the underlying terrain contours.

Hexon contours with terrain mat

SS River Clyde work in progress

SS River Clyde was a collier prior to the Great War. She was modified to carry troops and land them near Cape Helles, Gallipoli, on 25 April 1915. Thanks to some really helpful advice from contributors to TMP and Lead Adventure Forum, I sourced a merchant vessel in 1:600 scale from Tumbling Dice. The original was around 6” long but, with some careful cutting and re-rivetting (well Green Stuff and glue but hey), here is a reasonable fascmile of the WW1 Landing Craft Infantry:

SS River Clyde WIP

Still a work in progress, at 3” long she is a nice size for a 6mm game. Now for some sandbags and MGs in the bow, etc, etc.

Robert Dunlop 2014