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HMS Swiftsure and friend

A photo of the Navis-Neptune model HMS Swiftsure, accompanied by an Heroics and Ros Short seaplane here.

Canonnière fluviale

Another excellent model from PT Dockyard. It is une canonnière fluviale, which was a river gunboat built by the French in the Great War. These boats served in batteries that were used in the Battles of the Somme and Verdun for example. 

Canonniere fluviale

Fokker triplane

And a Fokker triplane to keep the Roland company. As you can see, not the typical all-red of der Rote Baron but a distinctive colouring nonetheless.

Roland CII

Also known as der Walfisch (the whale) in German, the Roland CII was a reconnaissance aircraft. The fuselage was constructed in a similar way to the WW2 Mosquito, with layers of plywood.

The model is from Heroics and Ros. It is overflying a cork tile - best I could do on the day.

Short Seaplane

I finished painting up the first Short Seaplane from Heroics and Ros. It is painted in the lighter colours. The overhead and front-side photos can be seen here.

Naval gunfire support

An example of a WW1 British battleship here.

Troops rowing to shore

Some of the Peter Pig row boats have been painted and based here.

Gangways being built

Work has continued on SS River Clyde for the Gallipoli campaign. The ship was beached off Cape Helles and the men were offloaded via purpose-built gangways. The work in progress on these is here.

X-lighters painted up

There is an example of the PT Dockyard X-lighters here. The models are 1/600 scale.

Hull extended on SS River Clyde model

Work has continued on the model of SS River Clyde, which served as a Landing Craft Infantry during the Gallipoli landings in April 1915. The Tumbling Dice model sat very low in the water whereas photos of the River Clyde show her sitting higher about the water line. I have used Green Stuff to extend the hull as can be seen here

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