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More Ottoman army figures

Photos of engineers, machine gun teams, and another FOO have been uploaded here, here, and here respectively.

Ottoman FOO

A photo of a 6mm Baccus Ottoman FOO figure has been posted here.

Ottoman artillery

A photo of Baccus Ottoman field artillery has been uploaded here.

Another role for HMS Terror

Here is HMS Terror in her proposed role as a support ship for Operation Hush, which was the plan to land a British division on the Belgian coast in 1917. The monitors are from Navwar. The pontoon is scratch-built. The pontoons were designed to carry tanks, artillery, and infantry with their support weapons.

HMS Terror

A photo of HMS Terror, an Erebus Class monitor, has been uploaded here.

HMS Goliath

A photo of HMS Goliath added here.

HMS Swiftsure and friend

A photo of the Navis-Neptune model HMS Swiftsure, accompanied by an Heroics and Ros Short seaplane here.

Canonnière fluviale

Another excellent model from PT Dockyard. It is une canonnière fluviale, which was a river gunboat built by the French in the Great War. These boats served in batteries that were used in the Battles of the Somme and Verdun for example. 

Canonniere fluviale

Fokker triplane

And a Fokker triplane to keep the Roland company. As you can see, not the typical all-red of der Rote Baron but a distinctive colouring nonetheless.

Roland CII

Also known as der Walfisch (the whale) in German, the Roland CII was a reconnaissance aircraft. The fuselage was constructed in a similar way to the WW2 Mosquito, with layers of plywood.

The model is from Heroics and Ros. It is overflying a cork tile - best I could do on the day.

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