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Anzac Cove landings at Hammerhead Show

Hammerhead Show was rescheduled for 28 April 2018, following the heavy snow storms earlier in the year. We took the opportunity to showcase the Anzac Cove landings. The table features labels for the various terrain features:

Introducing Dora and friends

The Germans captured large numbers of British MkIV heavy tanks after the Battle of Cambrai. These were re-purposed as Beutepanzer where possible. This first photo shows Dora and Lissy, still in the original British colour schemes. Dora has the black crosses only; Lissy has Feldgrau stripes:

Here is Hanni. Yellow-clay and red brown splotches have been used over the British colour scheme:

This Beutepanzer has the Feldgrau base colour, with block camoflague patterns:

Another Beutepanzer with Feldgrau base colour. The camoflague pattern consists of red-brown, green, and yellow-clay blotches:

Finally, four of the ladies strutting their finery together:

Canadian MG autocar

This photo illustrates a 6mm Canadian machine gun autocar. It is a 3D Shapeways product, which can be purchased from here.

Another view of the same vehicle from a slightly different angle:

British trench near St Quentin

This photo comes from the history of the German Füsilier-Regiment 39, which took part in the attack on the British 30th Division opposite St Quentin. It shows the type of trenches dug by the British after taking over this sector from the French just before the Germans launched Operation Michael in March 1918. The label translates as ‘Lloyd George Trench’, 

Anzac Cove landings

The Australians and New Zealanders landed at Anzac Cove on April 25th, 1915. We have started play testing the campaign in preparation for the upcoming Great War Spearhead supplement. You can see the photos and report here.

Oddzial Ósmy French HQ staff

Here are the 3mm late war French HQ staff from Oddzial Ósmy. The front view is in the bottom half of the picture. Left to right on each stand is: artillery observer/signaller; a general pointing to his left; another general holding a stick with the other hand behind his back; and another signaller. The upper half of the photo shows the same figures from the rear.

British MkIV tanks in town

More Oddzial Ósmy 3mm vehicles - this time British MkIV male tanks in amongst Oddzial Ósmy ruined buildings.

Entering Chavonne

Two Oddzial Ósmy St Chamond tanks make their way into the ruins of a town. The buildings are from Oddzial Ósmy as well. Extraordinary when you consider that these vehicles are 1/600 scale:

Oddzial Ósmy St Chamond tanks

Here are four of the superbly sculpted St Chamond tanks in 3mm:

Oddzial Ósmy late war French MGs

Another photo of Oddzial Ósmy 3mm figures, featuring on each stand from left to right: Hotchkiss MMG; MMG loader; Purveyor (loader and ammo carrier) for the Chauchat; and a Chauchat gunner lying prone.

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