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Battle of Messines

A full report and photographs is available here. The game was played in the Joy of Six 2017 Show in Sheffield on July 16 2017, almost 100 years to the day after the original battle in June 1917.

Battle of Vimy Ridge

On April 9th, the Canadian War Museum commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Check out the photographs from our demonstration, which featured a 6’ x 10’ table and all of the Canadian infantry divisions. You can see the review here.

3D printed French SPG photos

Photos of 3D printed St Chamond self-propelled gun added here. The models are 6mm scale. The quality of 3D printed figures and vehicles is improving all the time but the process is expensive. These vehicles are quite brittle but for a specialist niche they are just the business.

Action near Gawaiten

An After-Action Report has been added here. It covers the playtesting of an action in the Battle of Gumbinnen, which was fought on the Eastern Front in August 1914.

Battle of the Somme

A report has been added about the demonstration game we put on at the Joy of Six Show in July 2016. See here for photos and reports.

Battle of Matz added to Reports

Our replay of this major tank battle is posted here. It features two French groupements, one of Schneiders and other with St Chamonds. Watch out for the dramatic ending to a hard fought contest. More historical tank scenarios are under development for inclusion in future Great War Spearhead supplements.

Battle of Timmaspe

1864 revisited - a ‘what if’ invasion of Germany by Denmark during the opening weeks of WW1 is available here. This scenario is based on an option that was considered by von Schlieffen during his time of Chief of the German General Staff. In reality, Denmark remained neutral throughout the war.

Summer Harvest supplement

The latest Great War Spearhead II supplement, Summer Harvest, has been released. You can buy a copy or eVersion here. The supplement covers the opening battles between the Austro-Hungarian and Serbian or Russian armies in August 1914.

Battle of Krasnik continued

More photos and reports have been uploaded here.

Battle of Krasnik

First part of a report is published here on the demonstration game that was played at the SELWG show in London on October 11th, 2015. The game features Russians, Austro-Hungarians, and Germans on the Eastern Front in late August 1914.

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