Great War Spearhead II

The latest version of the rules is availablehere. Copies can also be obtained from On Military Mattershere(North America) and from Baccus 6mmhere(UK).

The first GWSH supplement‘Marching to War’ is available here. It covers the opening battles of the Great War on the Western Front.

The second supplement is‘Miracle on the Marne’, which provides a range of scenarios from the First Battle of the Marne. It is available here too.

The third supplement is now available -‘Summer Harvest’. You can buy it here. It includes several early war battles between Austro-Hungarian and Serbian or Russian forces.

German A7V


German 77mm Field Gun

German Field Gun m96

GWSH Yahoo Group

GWSH is supported by an active Yahoo Group, moderated by Shawn Taylor. The Group discusses all aspects of WW1 and similar conflicts, including the Russo-Japanese War and Russian Civil War.

Clickhereto join the Group.

The Files section contains lots of scenarios, most of which are based on historical battles. There are scenarios from all periods and all of the major theatres in the Great War.

Figures, Vehicles and Aircraft

Irregular Miniatures(UK)

Tumbling Dice(UK)
Pico Armor(USA)
Fighting 15s(UK)

Irregular Miniatures(UK)
NavWar - Heroics & Ross(UK)
Scotia Grendel(UK)
Baccus 6mm(UK)

Irregular Miniatures(UK)


Peter Pig(UK)
Eureka Miniatures(Aus)
Irregular Miniatures(UK)

Terrain and Buildings

Irregular Miniatures(UK) 2, 6, 10mm
TimeCast(UK) 6, 10, 15mm
GHQ Models(USA) 6mm
Mainly Military Scenics(UK) 6mm
Hovels(UK) 6, 15mm
Miniature Worldmaker(Aus) 6, 15mm
Crescent Root Studio(US) 15mm
Leven Miniatures(UK) 6mm
NavWar(UK) 6mm
Peter Pig(UK) 15mm
Fieldworks(UK) 10, 15mm
Pico Armor(USA) 3mm
Fighting 15s(UK) 3mm
Kallistra(UK) 12, 15mm
Pendraken(UK) 10mm

3D Shapeways Models

Several examples of 3D printed WW1 models and figures are available via Shapeways. These photos show an example from MastersofMilitary, whose Shapeways marketplace can be found here.

Battle of Mons Maps

Here are the three battle maps from the recently published‘The Battle of Mons: The Official German History’:

Map 3 - IX Corps 500
Map 4 III Corps 500
Map 5 - IV Corps 500

Robert Dunlop 2014