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Terrain boards for Somme

This was one of the earliest attempts to make terrain. The boards represent the area around Longueval and the Bazentin ridge. The game reproduces the attack by British XIII Corps on July 14, 1916:

XIIIth Corps Attack

Remembering back...

…to when we replayed the Battle of Cambrai in the Bovington Tank Museum:


Action near Gheluvelt

Here are some photos of a game using the Crossfire ruleset. It is an encounter battle between British and German forces during late October 1914. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, and for the misspelling of the French farm names The buildings were made by Crescent Root. The figures are a mix of Peter Pig and Minifigs:

Battlefield from East
Battlefield from North
Ferme Blanc
First Contact
Dragoons Reach Ferme Blanc
Pressure Building Towards Ferme Blanc
Germans Recapture Farmhouse
Outbuilding Captured

Battle of Courcelette

Work is now underway on a supplement covering the Battle of the Somme. Here is a map and an aerial photograph of Courcelette. Both are overlaid with information about the attack from the 22nd Canadian Infantry Battalion - the‘Van Doos’:

Courcelette 15 Sept 1916
Courcelette aerial photo
Courcelette 22 Btn example

Here is a German photo of Courcelette taken before the attack on 15 September, 1915:

Courcelette photo RIR 210

And here is the map from Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 210:

RIR 210 map

Gallipoli supplement published

The new GWSH II supplement for the Gallipoli campaign is now available to purchase in electronic and ring-bound versions:

Gallipoli Front Page small

You can order a copy via these links:

Our Sons as Well (lulu.com)

Online Self-Publishing Book & Ebook Company | Lulu

There are several examples of scenarios in Battle Reports here.

HMS Scorpion

Still a work-in-progress, this is a 1:700 Combrig model of a British Beagle- or G-Class destroyer. HMS Scorpion provided naval gunfire support during the Gully Ravine battle in the Gallipoli campaign. The stand is 14 x 3.5 cm, which gives a sense of the size of the model:

HMS Scorpion before undercoat

German MG limber 1908

German MG limber 1908

Ottoman Fort

Here are some photos ofOrhaniye Tabyası, which is an Ottoman fort just south of Kumkale. The model is Shore Battery #3 from War Times Journal here:

Orhaniye Tabyasi front
Orhaniye Tabyasi
Orhaniye Tabyasi rear

HMS Aphis

Here is a 3D printed model of HMS Aphis, an Insect-Class British river gunboat. She served in the Mesopotamia campaign, providing naval gunfire support on the Tigris River for example. The model is 2.5” long:

I have started working on a 1:600 scale Fly-Class gunboat too.

WW1 Bulgarians

Here are some 6mm Irregular Miniatures Russians painted up as Bulgarians:

IM Russians as Bulgarians

And some 15mm Peter Pig Russians as well:

Peter Pig Russians as Bulgarians

Robert Dunlop 2014 to date