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Gallipoli supplement published

The new GWSH II supplement for the Gallipoli campaign is now available to purchase in electronic and ring-bound versions:

Gallipoli Front Page small

You can order a copy via these links:

Our Sons as Well (lulu.com)

Online Self-Publishing Book & Ebook Company | Lulu

There are several examples of scenarios in Battle Reports here.

HMS Scorpion

Still a work-in-progress, this is a 1:700 Combrig model of a British Beagle- or G-Class destroyer. HMS Scorpion provided naval gunfire support during the Gully Ravine battle in the Gallipoli campaign. The stand is 14 x 3.5 cm, which gives a sense of the size of the model:

HMS Scorpion before undercoat

German MG limber 1908

German MG limber 1908

Ottoman Fort

Here are some photos of Orhaniye Tabyası, which is an Ottoman fort just south of Kumkale. The model is Shore Battery #3 from War Times Journal here:

Orhaniye Tabyasi front
Orhaniye Tabyasi
Orhaniye Tabyasi rear

HMS Aphis

Here is a 3D printed model of HMS Aphis, an Insect-Class British river gunboat. She served in the Mesopotamia campaign, providing naval gunfire support on the Tigris River for example. The model is 2.5” long:

I have started working on a 1:600 scale Fly-Class gunboat too.

WW1 Bulgarians

Here are some 6mm Irregular Miniatures Russians painted up as Bulgarians:

IM Russians as Bulgarians

And some 15mm Peter Pig Russians as well:

Peter Pig Russians as Bulgarians

Battle of Sari Bair, 8 August 1915

The third game in this series reflects the fighting on 8 August when the New Zealanders established a foothold on Chunuk Bair. The photos and AAR can be found here.

Battle of Sari Bair, 7 August 1915

Another After Action Report is published here. It is a continuation of the previous game, which played out differently from the historical battle.

Turgut Reis

Turgut Reis was a German Brandenburg Class battleship, formerly SMS Weissenburg. She was purchased by the Ottoman navy in 1910, along with her sister ship Hayreddin Barbarossa (formerly SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm). Both ships provided naval gunfire support for the Ottoman amphibious assault at Şarköy during the Balkan Wars. This model is 1/1250 scale. It is 3D printed and is available from WTJ (see the online store here).

Turgut Reis

The town of Şarköy is just north of the Gallipoli Peninsula. It was lost to the Bulgarians during the war in 1913. In an interesting reversal of what happened in 1915, it was the Ottoman army that had to conduct the amphibious landing to re-capture the area. The scenario will be included in the upcoming Gallipoli scenarios supplement.

Sdkfz 11 and Pontonwagen Pf.11

Another example of 3D printing but from the WW2 era:

Pontonwagen Pf 11 and SdKfz 11
Pontonwagen Pf 11 and SdKfz 11 painted

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