Suvla Bay

The Sari Bair games have been very interesting (see here, here and here) but time to move on to the Suvla Bay landings. The amphibious operation was launched in cooperation with the assault on Sari Bair ridge. Here is a photo of the table, with Salt Lake visible in the distance. The 4’x6’ table, which represents 4x6 km, covers the southern part of the Suvla Bayarea. The layers of Hexon terrain represent 20m contours:

Suvla Bay table

This next photo is a composite, showing Sari Bair ridge in the foreground and the new Suvla Bay South table next to it. The plan is to recreate both tables plus the area still further north on a third table. The combined set-up will be demonstrated at Joy of Six 2021 show in Sheffield and, hopefully, SELWG:

Sari Bair and Suvla Bay

The landings were supported by purpose-built infantry landing craft, known as Beetles because of their colour and shape. Here are two PT-Dockyards models of Beetles inbound to the shore with supplies. A temporary pier has been built. This is a 3D resin print on an integrated 30 x 60mm base:

Temporary pier

Another view of the pier:

Pier and Beetle

And an original photo of a pier at Suvla Bay, which I used as the inspiration for the 3D model:

Suvla Bay pier

Robert Dunlop 2014 to date