Sedd el Bahr fort

Here is a selection of photos related to the creation of the Sedd el Bahr fort used in the Cape Helles campaign. First up, a recent aerial photo of the fort before the current restoration project started:


The line of circular gun pits can be seen.

sedd el bahr fort plan

A plan of the fort, though it isn’t entirely accurate.

seddulbahir fort photo before damage

A pre-war photo of the fort.

A view of my model. The base is 3” x 3”. Plastic card has been used to create the walls and gun pits. The damaged building is from the Oddzial Osmy range.

Another view, this time from the west.

The outer walls and ruined building have been painted.

The finished article, alongside the‘town’ sector.

Robert Dunlop 2014 to date