Sari Bair playtesting

Shawn and I are working on a Gallipoli scenario book. My long-time interest has been the Battle of Sari Bair. Here is the table set up forplay testing. The trenches and dried river beds are from TimeCast. The figures are mostly from Baccus; the Australians with green bases are Irregular Miniatures. The Right and Left Covering Forces can be seen along the shoreline in the middle-left of the picture:

Starting Positions

The next photo shows the battle underway. It shows the New Zealand Brigade snaking up Rhododendrum Ridge towards Chunuk Bair. The lead infantry company has reached the Apex. Further down, New Zealand Mounted Rifles have occupied the Table Top and Bauchop’s Hill positions:

NZ Brigade reaches Apex

More photos and a detailed AAR will be posted soon.

Robert Dunlop 2014 to date