Not your usual HQ

Headquarters stands play an important role in Great War Spearhead. Normally, HQ stands are land-based. For the landings at Suvla Bay, General Stopford (General Officer Commanding IX Corps) had his HQ on HMS Jonquil throughout the first day. HMS Jonquil is the model on the left in this photo:

HMS Jonquil and Triad

The other ship on the right is HMS Triad, which was used by the General Hamilton.

HMS Jonquil was a Flower-Class corvette. I sourced her from Mick Yarrow Miniatures, which has quite a range of WW1 1:1200 ships. Mick had the only example of a Flower-Class corvette that I could find. Unfortunately, it was in a bit of state when I received it. The hull and decks were heavily pitted; the bridge was mis-cast; the funnels had numerous pits and irregularities; and the ventilators were broken or mis-cast. Here is the original, with some early repairs.

I stripped everything back, cutting off the funnels, bridge, etc. The final version in the first photo shows the repaired funnels sitting atop the new upper deck. Evergreen plastic was used to create the upper deck and new bridge. Ventilators are still needed; work is ongoing with these visually important elements.

All of the other models from Mick have been well-cast and will see service soon.

Robert Dunlop 2014 to date