German centre under artillery fire

One of the FOs was able to range in French artillery fire on German defenders in the centre. Stationary infantry fire from the French companies began to have a telling effect as well. Three German units can be seen with Litko suppression markers. French infantry and machine gun fire has taken its toll of German defenders in the northern wood (close to the bottom of the photograph).

The German commander has called forward the infantry reinforcements from Bailly. They can be seen coming in from the bottom left hand side of the photo.

In the south, the French road column has ground to a halt. The shattering effect of the German defensive fire has left the infantry weary of advancing along the road in the open. The third artilery regiment has deployed off road near a farm complex. The FO is making his way through the woods. French infantry are lining the woods facing the German defenders. Both sides are in relatively good cover, squaring off against each other.

Robert Dunlop 2014 to date