Affair at Abu Tulul - 14 July 1918


By this stage of the war the Turks and their German allies were unable to conduct large scale operations along the entire front. This did not mean however that they were incapable of launching local attacks. The assault on the ANZACs dug in on the plateau at Abu Tulul, just a few miles north of Jericho and close to the River Jordan, was one such attempt at a localised victory.

Should the ANZACs be pushed off the plateau, then the Turks and Germans would be in an ideal position to observe British and ANZAC positions along the Jordan Valley. They would also be able to disrupt lines of communication and jeopardise any future operations in the area.

This scenario was researched and written by Eric Spicer, and the map was prepared by Robert Dunlop. The scenario was play-tested by Stan Walker, Nick Grant and Andy Gorman of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Designer’s notes

The Turkish and German forces reflect, appproximately, those forces that were historically involved in this engagement.

Two regiments of the 1st Light Horse Brigade held the Abu Tulul positions. A third regiment was held in local reserve. To make the game more playable the entire Brigade is dug in with the Wellington Mounted Rifle Regiment of the New Zealand Mounted Brigade also manning entrenchments. The two remaining NZ Mounted Brigade Regiments are off-table as reserves. The artillery available to the ANZAC Division reflects the batteries that were historically present.


The Turks and Germans must capture all of the named ANZAC entrenchments. Any other result is an ANZAC victory.

Set up

The ANZACs (less the units held in reserve) are set up along the named entrenched positions shown on the map at the player's discretion. Each named position can hold up to 2 stands (with the exception of El Musallabe position, which can hold up to 4 stands), any stands not used in a named position can be entrenched to the rear of these positions. These additional positions can only hold one stand. All positions are wired level 1 entrenchments, and the ANZAC player may position a line of wire connecting the front redoubts (Musallabe, Vance, Vyse, Vale etc).

The Germans and Turks deploy in the positions as shown on the map.

The Germans launch their attack first. The first 5 turns occur at night and spotting is reduced to 3". There is no pre-game bombardment.



The OOBs for each command can be downloaded as pdf files using the links below. I recommend that the OOBs are downloaded separately, as there are some variations that would best be kept to each player to provide an element of surprise for the opponent.

The ANZAC OOB can be downloaded here.

The German/Turkish OOB can be downloaded here.


Military Operations in Egypt and Palestine: from June 1917 to the end of the War, Cyril Falls (Editor), ISBN 1870423607

Prepared by: Robin Sutton

Robert Dunlop 2014 to date