Action at Pellenberg

Action at Pellenberg (Second sortie from Antwerp)

Belgium, September 1914


In August 1914, the German First Army invaded Belgium. German cavalry quickly bypassed Liege. The speed of their advance disrupted the Belgian Army's plans. As a result, the Belgian and German armies made contact along the Gette River. The Germans threatened an outflanking manoeuvre. The Belgians retreated to Antwerp, under the protection of several lines of forts. This enabled the German First Army to continue wheeling through Belgium and into northern France.

Far from mounting a static defence, the Belgian Army took the offensive on several occasions. This scenario is based on the second sortie from Antwerp. On 9th September 1914, five Belgian infantry divisions attacked south towards Brussels and southeast towards Louvain. On the left flank, the Belgian cavalry division was tasked with destroying the Louvain-Tirlemont railway. Can they do it? Or will the German defenders, reservists and landwehr, prevent them?


Objectives are given with the OOBs for each force. To retain an element of surprise, you might like to make sure that each player does not see the opponent's OOB and victory conditions before the battle.

Orders of Battle and Set-up

The Belgian and German OOBs and setup information are available on the GWSH Yahoo Grouphere(go to the Pellenberg folder in the Files section).

Special Rules

Special Rule 1- All villages are 3x3" sectors with -1 defense modifier. Farms are defensible locations, with a -1 defense modifier, capable of holding 1 infantry or MG stand.

Special Rule 2- The streams take one move for infantry and cavalry to cross.

Pellenberg Scenario Battlemap

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