Battle of Sari Bair 7 August 1915

After the initial night assault on Sari Bair ridge, fighting continued into 7 August. Historically, none of the ANZAC or Indian forces reached their overnight objectives. This game is a continuation, however, of the previous game here. The Indian Brigade had occupied the highest ground, around Hills Q and 971. The New Zealand Brigade was still short of Chunuk Bair but the Australians had taken up position on Abdul Rahman Spur. 

The Ottoman commanders had been focusing reinforcements on the Australian break-in at Lone Pine. This mean there were few reserves to throw at regaining the terrain of key importance. 64th and 25th Infantry Regiments were fast approaching the ridge from the south but both lacked artillery support, apart from a battery of mountain guns. The Allies on the other hand could count on some naval gunfire support from a cruiser (HMS Bacchante) and a monitor.

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