Sari Bair ridge

Here are some photos of the Sari Bair ridge, which has been created with Hexon terrain. The first photo is taken from the south. Anzac Cove is to the left. Suvla Bay would be across the other side of this view, where the book shelves are:

Each Hexon layer represents a 20m contour. There are 13 levels of Hexon terrain, peaking with Hill 971 to the right.

The next photo is taken from the direction of Anzac Cove:

The Ottoman frontline trench can be seen in the foreground, running from the Nek down and across Lone Pine. The other major features have been labelled as well, with Hill 971 furthest back.

The Hexon terrain pieces give a reasonable approximation to the actual contours - good enough for an overview of the terrain, which was even more rugged in actuality.

Robert Dunlop 2014