Naval gunfire support

The Royal Navy provided gunfire support throughout the Gallipoli campaign. This photo shows HMS Bacchante (light cruiser on right) and HMS Colne (E-Class destroyer on left) supporting the August 6-9 1915 operation to capture Sair Bair ridge, north of Anzac Cove. HMS Colne is pounding Old No. 3 outpost, centre left. HMS Bacchante has just landed a broadside on Chunuk Bair, top right.

HMS Bacchante is a Navis Neptun model. I sourced HMS Colne from Waterline Ships. It is actually a model of HMS Swale; the same class but built by the different manufacturer at the time. Swale had the dual sets of funnels. Colne actually had two single funnels but, hey, who’s looking...

Naval gunfire support

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Robert Dunlop 2014